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Newell Hardy - Electric Guitar & Pedal Steel 


Newell plays electric guitar and pedal steel guitar, having played as a band member with internationally known artists, including the iconic legend “Wild and Wooly” Chris LeDoux and the hypnotic Texas-based recording artist, Shelley Laine. Currently a member of Black Dirt Tango, Newell handles both pedal steel and lead guitar parts. Newell loves all good music and finds much solace and relaxation in performing for audiences as a member of Black Dirt Tango.

Newell started making music at an early age when his grandfather taught him to play the harmonica at age five. Shortly thereafter, Newell’s mother started teaching him piano, which gave him the foundation on which he has built his musical talent.

After learning to play the viola in grade school, Newell continued through his junior and high school years, playing in school orchestras, as well as the district’s Youth Symphony. During his high school years, the guitar captured Newell’s attention. He studied with instructors, both privately, as well as in college, quickly applying his musical education and experience to making guitar his focus. He taught guitar throughout his college years at a local music shop. 

Newell’s passion for guitar inspired him to join local bands while in high school, playing for dances and parties, leading to a life-long pursuit as a musician. He attributes bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Poco, The Eagles, and the Jackson Browne Band as early influences to his playing style. Newell is a fan of musicians Buddy Emmons, Paul Franklin, and Tom Brumley on pedal steel guitar, and Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, and Albert Lee on lead guitar. To this day, Newell loves to listen to music by Merle Haggard, Steve Earle, Neil Young, Jimmy Buffet, U2 and Tom Petty. He quotes one of his most significant accomplishments in life as “being able to bring joy to the lives of others through music.” He lives by the motto “Music Makes Life Better!”

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