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Steve Henry – Songwriter/Singer/Guitar

Steve Henry is a singer/songwriter/guitar player who lives with his family in Dallas. He has been writing and performing music since his early teens. 


His music, a mix of Americana and Texas Country, is greatly influenced by the wide-open, windswept prairies of the High Plains of Texas where he grew up.  While he’s been described as a “songwriter,” he views himself foremost as a story teller.  His characters range from a man obsessed with the Great Northern Walleye to folks who find themselves trapped at the intersection of Sin and Redemption.  His music reflects the humor, joy and despair of interesting people living life at society’s edges.


Steve is currently a member of Black Dirt Tango and the Little Dirt Band where he serves as their primary songwriter.  Over the years he has performed in clubs and festivals across Texas and the United States.  Some of Steve’s music can be heard on the 2016 release of Black Dirt Tango cleverly titled, “Black Dirt Tango,” now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services.


Steve can be contacted by emailing him at

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